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John a Baker ,David Goddard and myself visited another private simulator constructor in Farnham yesterday and gained many useful tips,ideas and tools required to get our Tomahawk and Seneca cockpits upgraded.

We've quite a few ideas and will talk about them and other events at our first JSC NIGHT on Monday.

ROGER WARMAN will be demonstrating his Drones, hopefully outside in the dry , so the evening will be starting from 1800 ish with this demo., before we move indoors to chat about our Club and Roger's efforts.

Tomorrow Saturday , Chris Royle and I will be leaving the Club at 0930 for a visit to Didcot Steam day. Anyone fancy joining us?

The singing evening with dinner on the 8th October needs a little more support!

Only £25 for a full evening's entertainment might even be a little jazz again.


2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the maiden flight of Britain’s first jet powered aircraft, the Gloster E28/39.

The theme of this years’ Historic Aircraft Association Annual (HAA) Symposium is “Celebrating 75 Years of the Jet” to reflect that anniversary.

This year’s event will be held at the RAF Museum Hendon on Saturday 29th October and will feature

  • Steve Bohill Smith on displaying Concorde and the 747-400

  • Dave Southwood on flying classic jets

  • Robert Pleming reflecting on the Vulcan years


  • Ian Whittle talking about the Genesis of the Jet and the challenges his father Sir Frank Whittle faced in designing and developing the jet engine

Tickets for this first class event are on sale at £25 for HAA members and £30 for non-members. This includes a full day programme of highly qualified speakers, tea, coffee etc. on arrival, an excellent 2 course hot lunch, free parking and access one of the World's finest aviation museums, the RAF museum.

If you haven't yet bought your tickets a Ticket Application Form may be found on the HAA website or download this .pdf document

haa-annual-symposium-2016-ticket-application-(1)-223.pdf Alternatively, e mail me at



Runners slowing down!

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