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24th October

Good afternoon JOYSTICKERS,

Between showers some info. on upcoming events.

Tuesday sees us at Courthouse Junior School in the morning, leaving WLAC 0800!

We'll be taking a couple of Pedal Planes and the Tomahawk .

Mike Potts has set the visit up and Dave Scott will be bringing his r/c aircraft, with John Baker Mike Diggins and myself in support. Any other volunteers gladly welcome.


Work on the next generation of Pedal Plane, a tri gear jet , is under way with Gordon Hill putting together the metal parts, I'm cutting wood. Need some ideas for making the jet transportable as it maybe a little longer than the prop aircraft, and not having a rotating prop some sort of eye catching noise/smoke ?


Peter Bailey has offered us his trailer as a Seneca cockpit transporter and should do the job well after a lot of work. Any enthusiasts in renovating and upgrading trailers out there?


Next Monday (24th) a Europa home builder enthusiast and Europa Club committee Member will be coming up from Winchester to tell us about his project which you will have seen at the LAA Rally the last couple of years and is seen in this months LAA mag. .........

"Nigel Graham radically has customised his Europa by replacing the signature mono-wheel with his self-designed "conventional" Landing Gear. He then went on to re-model the cockpit and engine cowls.

His illustrated talk will give an insight into how his ideas developed, and how he made the composite moulds and carbon fibre parts.

It should appeal to anyone who has toyed with the idea of customising his aircraft or has an interest in working with composites in a home workshop."

Before Nigel's talk videos found by Goff Moore and John Michie will be shown, Std. Start time of 1930 with food and videos from 1800.

Please pass the word around as this will be of interest to all LAA members and home builders.


After the marvellous show last week Gill Gray is putting together Dec 10ths show and has sent this, you may recognise a face or two!.......

We hope to make this the best yet and a great start to the months celebrations!

Look at the calendar on the website and you'll notice a new talk , event and visit!



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