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Soultown Dec 10th

Morning JOYSTICKERS! www

Bit damp outside so thought the prospect of pre season music, dancing and dining should be on our minds.

We're almost full with ten tables available that can seat 8.

Any last minute changes please let me know ASAP.

A glass of fizz awaits at 1830 before Dinner at 1900.

Gavin will be producing his very tasty Beefburgers with relish (not the bar maids!) with to follow..... Christmas pudding and "sauce anglais" of course!

Coffee/ tea is included and if we (Elaine) can spare the time ..Vulcan biscuits!

Although not a formal evening, a prize for the "BEST BOW TIE" worn by anyone will be awarded.

Is there no end to this ....also a ticket raffle of JSC's best trinkets.


Julian Murfitt will be talk on his flying life and his aerobatics which included a LAA permit aerobatic aircraft, on Monday 21st. 1930hrs.

Pre that we'll be showing a shortened video of Steve Bohill-Smith drama documentary has produced on the life of Geoffrey de Havilland starting 1830hrs.

The Hawk pedal plane is well under way, Gordon Hill made the pedal and steerable nose wheel metal work, Steve Elkin TIG welded it up with David Oswalds help,

Dave Scott provided more steel and I've been in the garage for a while!

Needs a bigger hot end.

Back to work


Still little raspberries..bless!

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