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Hello JOYSTICKERS, It's been an uplifting week with "Rusty" giving his talk of flying Lancasters in 1943 on.

Then the next day having lunch with him and his friends from RAFA Leamington Spa. We showed them as much of the airfield as possible with their short time with us.

Then some guy started getting various bits of kit out of his car just as everyone else was packing up.!

Was it a plane, was it a bird , no it was John Baker and his brilliant model R/C hot air balloon! Just managed a hop before the sun went down, ably assisted by Jane and John Crawford.

But another Balloon popped up over Henley on Friday with John Downey's two daughters aboard.

May 4th were going to have a JSC kit day refurbishing the rest of our pedal planes to load up the Caravan and check over the Tomahawk, my place 1000hrs if anyone's available? Our last talk for the season brings us into the 21st century after a howl of Speys, RB211's and Olympus engines. Steve Bohill Smith will talk of these and his Tiger Moth Diamond 9 flying and the latest about new supersonic passenger travel! Keep upto date with our Joystick Calendar from our Website. Enjoy this beaut weather and Easter coming. Chug a lug M Now's the time just to admire the garden!

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