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Andy McKee and his Twister Aircraft (via ZOOM)

September 8, 2020

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June 21, 2017

Hello Joystickers!        www.joystickclub.co.uk


Just back from a fabulous place, most Places are in 26C of course but you don't see mountains and long beaches,  Llanbedr?

Ian MacKinnon very bravely "volunteered" to be P2  and Nav on this

sortie and proved to be an expert on birds,trees and with nuts, wheels that is!

We had a blow out on the port side of the trailer so accomplished an F1

Type wheel change on the M54 and drove a little slower for the last 90 miles!

A brief re charge at Cosford and then off to Barmouth B&B check in, then the

Airfield to report to IMech and Qinetiq for our role in what an was an "International University "Drone Challenge"


Many of the competitors came over and had a fly in the Tomahawk which behaved brilliantly after DG and Alan Ross breathed on it last week.

We of course were rushed off our feet and had to take compulsory rest


One of the Uni guys at Bristol, was a German and a very good flyer who remarked that it was........just  "ok"  after a mini aerobatic sequence!!


The hangar, full of young people pouring over their pc's doing last minute pre autonomous Flt. Adjustments, 


was used by our heroes a few years ago .."the Matadors", performing the most dramatic  fly through......they still have the centre line makings for both aircraft above the hangar doors!  Brilliantly bold!


Bit special, hope not to have bored you.


More coming soon.....








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