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Aviation Poetry Evening this Wednesday

Morning all JOYSTICKERS! Two dozen of us thoroughly enjoyed a very tasty meal brought to the Snug at WLAC from HAWELI Indian restaurant in Twyford on Friday.

This was a big thank you to those volunteers who gave their time and energy in 2015!

John Baker did all the organising, Karen and Gavin gave their support and time, and it did make the whole Club feel Snug on a cold evening , especially over HAPPY HOUR! Terry Kent was going to be there but was suffering again from a fibrillating heart, we wish him well. Coming up on Wednesday evening is a new idea, an AVIATION POETRY evening run by the Vintage Aircraft Club led by Steve Slater. David Hyde whose on holiday at the moment sent this short note.... Hello Mike - I hope that next Wednesday works out well.....apologies from me as I am in darkest Africa but you might care to use the following ditty as a "starter".... The starting of the Beaufort is a most peculiar art No matter how you prime it, the bastard will not start In fact on some occasions, when the dew is on the grass You might as well stick the primer right up the engine's arse. The provenance of this is from the early days of RAF Chivenor in WW2 when the airfield opened as a Coastal Command training unit with Beaufighters, Blenheims and Beauforts. However, "Beaufort" could be replaced in the ditty by any vintage type! Cheers David JSC night 25th.........." 2015 Temora air show in OZ " DVD from 1815 with guest speaker at 1930 Air trafficker ADY DOLAN, giving us tales from the new tower at Heathrow . Bit white outside! M


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