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Tales from the Tower & Events


Ady Dolan gave a brilliant presentation with tales from LHR’s tower with poignant videos of Concorde’s last flying days.

We’re hoping to be able to buy a copy of those DVD’s from Ady and get a visit to the Tower.

Many thanks Ady and you must come back again, same time next year!

An excel spread sheet is attached for those who could volunteer to enjoy our visits with the Pedal Planes and Tomahawk cockpit. The website also offers you this facility for volunteers.

Once filled in please forward to David Oswald and myself.

We have lots going on with the Guild of Aviation Artist exhibition visit now set for Thursday 21st July and the ATCO’s “Big Pull” on the 30th

Considering returning to Bletchley Park and Shuttleworth in the Spring by mini bus, whose up for that?

Pete Allen and his group will be playing for us on Feb 6th, meeting 1830 for 1900 meal and good Jazz straight after.

Chug a lug



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