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Capt. Brown, nuts and a handful of visits

Morning JOYSTICKERS! Jim Davies gave an amusing and very detailed account of the forming and current British Airways last night, in between PowerPoint interruptions...sop! Thank you Jim and we hope to visit you at Waterside in the near future!

3 NEW events coming up ...

APRIL 21st Thursday, visit to SHUTTLEWORTH MUSEUM, Old Warden

We intend hiring a mini bus anyway so whatever the weather we'll arrive for 1100hr

Cost £20 max. Steve Elkin will drive. Those flying just entry fee.

A guide around the workshops and museum has been set up.

Food is available in their cafe.

MAY 5th THURSDAY, visit to Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing

Opens at 1030 , Mike Potts will be driving the mini bus. £10 for the bus, plus entry.

Some of you may have retained last years tickets!

JULY 9th West Wycombe Fayre and Classic car day with the JSC KIT 1100-1600

Held on NT Ground ( hopefully firmer than last week!) any volunteers to David Oswald cc moi please. The Daily Mail managed a full page on our Hero today, albeit with an advert for "nuts" which I've removed....although he must have thrown caution to the wind a few times in his illustrious career. Must read other papers for a finer review.

An amazing Brit.

Dave SCOTT has just sent this RAeS header...

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