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Summer Jazz , JSC Calendar 2016

Morning JOYSTICKERS ! Before setting off for Sir William and Lady Judy McAlpine's bash at Fawley Hill today a pic from yesterday's fun.

We were very close to the action and got a little steamed up! Have also attached latest Calendar, which some said they had not received wholly hope this is ok , and the SUMMER JAZZ EVENING. Could do with selling a few more places for the Jazz and Pigroast on 4th June. Ex CFI David Coe and mate Bob will be playing us in with rocking guitars as we devour the Pigroast/ desert and coffee and then at about 2030 the Jazz and female singer will be entertaining us with light Jazz and get us in the dancing mood perhaps! Gathering at 1830... only £25 Cheers M Must do some planting when it stops precipitating!

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