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Scouts, schools, Spits & steam

Morning all JOYSTICKERS! Some pics of our recent activities.

The Fawley Mountaineer belching steam at the top of the incline last weekend.

Plenty of tickets available £10 for our private visit July 10th

Beaver Scouts on Monday was challenging but JB and 3 WLAC instructors overwhelmed them!

Yesterday at Evendon School "STEM fest" was brilliant. An early start for Wokingham was taken in beautiful weather and our reception at the school was brilliant. Great organisation made it easy for us to cope with 300 odd youngsters and coffee and biscuits always available. They had close links with BBC Berkshire Radio so we had a spot on air and are included in their school Facebook.

All thanks to David Oswald doing the comms. for our visit which gave us all faith in teaching standards, what a great headmaster!

Stratospheric Helium balloons, lambs organs laid out, Aston Martin Le Mans car, 3D printing and much more were brought together for a very inspiring day, weary but glad to be a part of the STEM ( Science,technology,engineering,maths ) teaching.

Today the 4th Eastcote Scouts arrive and Alan Hoskins is doing the Safety brief with Graham Perry an intro. into " how aeroplanes fly".

Tomorrow we hope to fly them, weather looks ok for late morning/ early afternoon.

Please would all pilots bring All their licence and aircraft docs for perusal. Briefing at 0900!

Steve Midson will be performing miracles with his rubber powered model building

Please call in and watch help if you fancy, we will have the Tomahawk sim. In use as well.

The other pic is of Gatwick and the rotunda after the war with revamped Spitfires being prepared for overseas air forces.



Radish mmm

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