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Up up and away!


A really enjoyable sortie yesterday evening.

A pre flight shot of Prosecco followed by superb crackling and finely cooked pork.

David Coe and Bob taxied us out with guitar and harmonica and then Corina Adele got us airborne with beautiful signing. The evening cruised along with Martin Nicholas, his jazz band and singer/crooner Mike.

Martin's clarinet much better than his cabin address jokes!

A certain Lesley R invited turbulence amongst the passengers, mostly male, and before top of decent we were all in the aisles enjoying the rhythm.

Corina brought us onto finals with some great songs before the flight disembarked with the cleaners rapidly doing a quick turnaround for the next day's flight.

Thanks to all involved the "Fat Pig" from Oxfordshire, Gavin and Les girls and lads. Most of all to Gill Gray who runs "Leading Lights" for the top quality entertainers....more on Oct 10th and Dec8th..see calendar.....

Could still do with a volunteer to two for Naphill Fest and Church Crookham junior school near Fleet.

Looking for clouds, veg.might need re fuelling !


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