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Forays and skirmishes


We've just returned from a very good weekend at Bicester, taking part in the "Flywheel" event.

Lots going on and we were right opposite a line of old racers, Frazer Nash ,ERA etc.

Always thought vehicles gave way to aircraft but not there! Raucous exhausts and Castrol R!

No , the F35's weren't there but lots of WW2 ..Catalina, Dak, Red Tail Mustang, Spits and the magnificent Tiger Moth Diamond 9 with WW 1 warbirds well flown especially in Saturday's gusty conditions .

Many thanks to all our volunteers, David and Mary Oswald, Martyn Looker, Mike Diggins, Martyn Rowlands and Mike Potts.

Thoughts for a new Pedal Plane , perhaps Eurofighters?

Below latest Joystick kit, goggles (courtesy of John Downey), sportingly worn by one of our pilots!

You'll notice we're a bit military with roundels now.

And a Eurostar...Seen at Aero Expo ...topical nose decal! Preparing for the West Wycombe Fayre this Saturday, a relaxing lunchtime/afternoon in the park with flower stalls for the ladies and fish 'n chips too.

We could do with more volunteers for the

"Trad Boat Festival " on the Thames at Fawley Meadow Fri-Sun next 15th - 17th?

Still a few tickets at a tenner for the McAlpine steam afternoon on Sunday, starts at 1200.

Train rides and the wonderful old steam age railway museum .

I have a couple of tickets for pairs to attend the opening day of the

Aviation Artists exhibition Pall Mall Gallery 18th July?

I now cannot make the Thursday so please take advantage of this.

All JSC events on the calendar which Mike Ashfield displays in his website....

Hunting for black fly ,


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