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Aviation Weekend

Good morning JOYSTICKERS.

Another full weekend, today a visit to the Steam railway collection of Sir William McAlpines at Fawley a Hill.

Yesterday we were at West Wycombe Fayre for the afternoon which was a delight, lots of interesting people, I met a US Air force C17 and a Thompson B737 pilot ....both female with their children who loved our kit. Some liked pushing the Pedal Planes so much over the thick grass that they disappeared into the distance, thankfully to return to base!

The Dashwood estate was a good venue and once again we were in the thick of it , with tractors towing people around and car and bike enthusiasts surrounding us.

Thanks to all 7 that were "volunteered"!

Friday was a bit special for fliers into Duxford.

It was practise day for the "Flying Legends" and Richard Brown gave me a lift in his aircraft to watch such rare birds as a Red Bull P38 Lightning and Corsair, Gladiator, Sea Fury, Seafire and all those "mundane" Spits and Hurri's flying around. An Me109 gave a great display as did the more serene Blenheim ,Dak and B17 which taxied right in front of us. Next Friday to Sunday it's the Traditional Boat Rally at Fawley Meadow near Henley on the Thames. If you want to join us come along. The advance party will be leaving White Waltham at 0900 on Friday with all the kit for hopefully a sunny weekend.

Bit damp as We speak but forecast for a warm afternoon at McAlpines!

Chuff chuff,


Cauliflower a disaster this year.

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