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Jolly boating weather!

Hello Joystickers!

After a full weekend at the "Traditional Boat Festival" at Henley with our more modern JSC kit , time for reflection.

These events are a great way to meet very interesting people, witness super machinery and spread the JSC /White Waltham word.

After contributing £230 to the RAFBF from the Hever Castle weekend we were advised by Lyndon Yorke that Joe Lancaster DFC was in their tent further down from us at Fawley Meadow. So after a chin wag with that grand aviator (who also test flew the AW52 Flying Wing , SR A1 and Argosy!) I now have a signed copy of his book "First out in Ernest". He of course came to WW with others to tell his story a few months back.

The BBMF was somewhat depleted in their fly over, only the MkV Spit and Hurricane gave a spirited display on Saturday while the "Reds" managed to hide behind the tree line on their flyby from Farnborough. The Hurri went tech with an oil leak afterwards and with the Lanc still grounded after new fuel tanks being fitted , only the Spit was there on Sunday with the BBMF leader at the controls. Both the Spit and Hurri stayed over at Waltham and we were able to have a sundowner with some of the crew.

Coming up are several events, with David Horton has set up a visit to Tangmere museum.

Those that want to Fly in to Goodwood can be picked up and ferried to Tangmere by members driving down, please let us know if you're up for this?

Big Pull 30th July in support of Aerobility at Blackbushe, volunteers?

Tangmere Museum /Goodwood fly in 4th August

Littlewick Show Monday 29th Aug. Volunteers?

Brooklands Aviation Day 25th Sep.

Just had a copy of "Prop Swing" from Shuttleworth and their annual Avition Lecture looks good.

As its my 17 birthday I will be going. Let me know if you want to tag along to celebrate!

Slap on the sun cream


Runners and green beans for supper...magic!

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