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Aerobility at Blackbushe Saturday and Goodwood fly-in to visit Tangmere Aug4th


This Saturday is the "Big Pull" at Blackbushe airfield in aid of Aerobility.

Also going on is the airfield Air Day so lots to see.

We'll be departing from WW car park at 0800 for anyone joining in.

David Horton is arranging our Fly in to Goodwood, and visit to Tangmere museum just along the road, for Thursday 4th August.

ETD 1000 for the flyers and ETD 0900 for road travellers, allowing an additional 30min for p/up at Goodwood and traffic problems. We need to book lunch if it's a largish group, so final numbers would be useful. Also, we only get a discount (10%) on the entrance ticket for groups of 12 or more.

Please let me know of anyone else going besides those flyers below, and who else would go by car?

Also Aircraft type and Registration!

If poor weather whose up for driving?

David Horton

Mike Clews and Mike Ashfield. EUROPA GOMIK

Brian Lewis and Joe McCulloch EUROPA GBXHY

Mike Langmead Seat available? Departing Cuddeson nr Wheatley

Robert Powell PIPER CUB

Trevor Bartlett

David Goddard is going to ferry us to Tangmere.

Toodle. Loo


Blackbirds at the raspberries!

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