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Olympian Efforts


Fantastic weather greeted us at Minehead yesterday afternoon, truly beautiful with views across to Wales and the islands of Steepholm and Flatholm in the Bristol Channel with the infamous Nuclear power plant in the distance .... Even Butlins looked interesting in the distance!

As you can see 12 took the Steam powered train ride to Somerset hauled by LMS Galatea.

A working 5ins model is available for which you can invest £11,000 is available!!

4 first class boarded ahead of 8 of us travelling down the back......but we were up front on return journey! Stoically surviving on prosecco and M&S tit bits with afternoon tea of fish n chips set up by Ken Peters in Minehead town.

A truly Olympic day of well over 12hrs, good value at £85.

Ian MacKinnon kept us fully informed of the technical and geographic situation. Due to his expertise 2 pics one of a certain chimney? and what we thought were Swifts but have been MacKinnoned into identifying them as Sand Martins outside the hangar at Waltham recently.

Just been out for a lap of the veg patch looking at the rows and pulled a few fast runners, Jessica onions and a Mo Marrow and then Trotted back....ugh!


P.S. Chris Royle's talks start on the 31st with the DH Mosquito rebuilds in NZ.

To keep the evenings full during the darker nights the attached pic of the RAeS Farnborough branch calendar describes their speaker nights, only £7.50/ yr to attend

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