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Ground & Flight Hardware


Your JSC volunteers performed miracles of endurance and versatility this week!

Wednesday, two simulator extractions were made from CAE Oxford.

A fully instrumented Seneca cockpit which had been used for Inst. Training and a pro. made Simulator used for procedural training were brought back to Waltham. The Seneca was a beast which needed all our combined effort to move it and a fork lift to get it into John Baker's hired transit van. The other just took ages to take apart and load into our cars.

Thanks to all who luckily worked in air conditioned comfort on a hot day.

Plenty for David Goddard to mull over now, but we have lots of Inst. and switches now.

Need a trailer for the new sim....any ideas?

The mafia looking guy on the RHS is Charlie from CAE, a PPL holder, who gave us huge support through the day.

These sims were out of date and needed a new home so we stuck our hand up! The next day we turned up at RAF BENSON for their families day.

Always happy to go there a great welcome and lots of aviation, especially if you like helicopters!

Mike Drye was happy in his counting house

While the BBMF Spitfires performed a great display in the gloom of a showery late afternoon.

Lots of little one enjoyed our Pedal Planes and we collected enough 50p's to pay for the previous day's van hire and put some in the bank, even after a sundowner at WLAC!

Monday sees us at Knowle Hill for the "Littlewick Show", come along and join in!

The last programmed use of the JSC KIT will be Brooklands Aviation Day on Sept 25th

Afterwards the kit needs an end of season overhaul perhaps on the 26th if anyone can make it at my place?

Please check the calendar for Events, our First speaker is ROGER WARMAN on the 26th

and he hopes to demonstrate his Drones outside the clubhouse before it gets dark.

The first musical / dinner evening is "Saturday night at the movies" October 10th , taking bookings now only £25 for a full evening's entertainment.

Chug a lug


Sweet "corn nearly as high as an e's eye!"

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