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Moulds,fast cars, jets and.....poetry!

Morning Joystickers,

This week we had an enjoyable Monday evening with Nigel Graham who has spent the last 15yrs planning and then moulding upgrades to his Europa home built aircraft.

His inspiring "Callisto" project has received hundreds of hours of patient , professional attention and he's now at the stage of testing his superb carbon fibre undercarriage before putting together his project and the future!

Last night Ian Glover enthused us with the updates on BLOODHOUND SSC and what projects with youngsters they pursuing......they have rocket model cars flashing across playgrounds at over 200mph!!

Might still be seats for the HAA SYMPOSIUM from Ken Peters.

Next Thursday 3rd Nov., brrrr, sees / hears Aviation POETRY at Waltham.

This is a return visit by Steve Slater, Anne Hughes and friends.

A great variety of poems some like HIGH FLIGHT you'll know and quite a few will be new and poignant.

See you there,


Ps just heard we have a visit to RAF NORTHOLT Thursday Feb 23rd!

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