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On this wee Dreich afternoon some good news, it's AGM time next Monday!!!

Looking forward to mince pies, awards and Ian Haskell's famous shortened Quiz on airfields and aircraft you may have seen this year!

Santas helpers might be flying in too....

(Youngsters at Telford turning onto finals in our Tomahawk for Rwy 25)

We had a great evening on Saturday, no heart murmurs, just lots of dancing and good entertainment from Gill Gray's "Leading Lights" company and 4 of her singers ( those legs mmm) ....marvellous!

Gavin, his kitchen team and 'les girls noir' worked very hard looking after just over 60 of us .

Thanks to all for contributing, especially Alan and Eleanor, whose raffle takings enabled a healthy profit for the Soultown Event.

The Jazz Night with maestro Pete Allen playing his sax is the next JSC clubhouse musical evening on the 25th February at 1830, £20/head.

Possibly a new feel for the bar that night, with high tables and chairs and "Cocktails and Canapés" to accompany the this space!

See you Monday and its subs night as well, only a tenner for a years enjoyment...not what this lady thought.....

(from our Aussie correspondent, naturally!)

Of course It'll be all PC on Monday, no talk of Santa's reindeer sleigh going asymmetric with a CAA checker mit shot gun in the rh seat!

Toodle loo,


Tree erecting in progress!

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