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What a Week!

Hello Joystickers,

A great week for the JSC with John Ward's understated review of flying the EE Ligh

tning during the Cold War years on Monday.

I know several of you are still working out how to hit your target with those Firestreak missiles and I'm wondering how you get an aircraft down onto a runway at about the correct speed with a jammed elevator!

Anyway many thanks to John and Graham Perry , who introduced JW to us, for a brilliant evening.

Thursday saw us welcomed by Ian Rushforth, visits officer, at RAF NORTHOLT.

He led us across to ops. to be introduced to Wng Co Gaz Littlechild, who after a brief rundown on his base's history and current activities, put us into the hands of his current crews.

We had conducted tours of 32 squadron BAe 146's and their sleek helicopter an AW109 both used for government / military visits.

Afterwards a visit to the museum of Keith Parks first fighter controllers setup before the one at RAF Uxbridge was made.

On to the Sgts mess for a good lunch and then a tour of the Officers Mess, the only one left on a current operational ex BofB airfield !

Lastly we saw and enjoyed last night the marvellous renditions of Pete Allen and his "Rhythm and Blues " quartet. Superb Jazz musicians.....Pic from John DOWNEY.

4 of us are off to look at a trailer to carry our Seneca cockpit on Tuesday, and hopefully visit a local hostelery!

Our next evening event is a HOGROAST June 10th 1830 £15.

Same "Fat Pig" company as last year from Oxford , with lots of lovely pork crackling!

Need volunteers for July1st and 2nd plus lots of others in the calendar...



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