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St George and the last JSC night

Good evening JOYSTICKERS!

Another great weather day, lots going on and people to bump into.

St George "robustly" tried it on me in Wallingford until I released money into his RNLI collecting tin!

Our flag should be taking centre stage on Sunday and on Monday, 1830 for starting at 1930, is the last Joystick Club talk until September.

Steve Bohill-Smith will be talking of our days on the Trident, his on Concorde, B747 and flying with the Tiger Moth "Diamond 9" formation team. He's also a video to sell and might have more up to date knowledge of the latest ideas of supersonic travel!

Lots of topics to discuss on Monday,

Hope to see you at the WLAC BAR , mine's a shandy!

Toodle loo


Runners and sunflowers exploding into life, must do some digging!

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