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A Grey Day, but Hog Roast is Coming!


An overcast day at Middle Wallop yesterday didn't deter 7 of us taking the JSC KIT to support the Army Air Corps and their museum.

Last year was windy and cold this year, overcast with occasional rain ...perhaps next!!!

Our pedal planes did well and after tech problems the T'bird got going and lots of youngsters had a go.

We were surrounded by Army flyers and one of their Apaches was present along with the Heritage Flt. Wasp and Bell helicopters and the Beaver.

Graham Perry lent me a book by Brian Trubshaw who I hadn't realised test flew the old Vanguard, a mighty beast that I and lots of ex Hamble pilots had as our first airliner.

I hope you can read these pages and marvel at Test Pilots, we only flew the VC9 at 250kts but did 3 point turns on the runway on base training!

Hogroast SATURDAY 10th 1830 till late.

Succulent meat and beaut. Pork crackling on the WLAC's lawn with music from David Coe & Bob on guitars and vocals with Keith Old's Magic accordion later on.

Not to be missed, and the Clubhouse bar is the wet weather alternative. £15.

We need you're support to keep these events happening , a small loss on the last evening event was ok but this could be mean the end of such times, it costs £100s.

Chug a lug


Off snail hunting, my poor cucumber!

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