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Crop water!




Anyway , we're in the middle of a busy week, Bicester a very successful 2 days and Blackbushe this coming weekend.

Some inspiring flying at Bicester from the Diamond Nine, WW1 flyers and that magic pair of Paul B and Steve J (Spit and Me109 Buchon) brilliant.

Personally believe this event is the best we go to!

We made good contributions to the JSC coffers to pay for the 2 new tyres on the Tomahawk and a SPARE wheel and tyre for the Caravan. Certainly well clad now!

Thanks to David O and Mary, Mike Diggins and Martyn L

But is it to be rivalled with Shuttleworth's Aug 6th Edwardian day with the Red Arrows displaying , but there will be a JSC Pedal Plane Hawk too!

If anyone wants to help this SATURDAY at Blackbushe to back up Alan Hoskins, Eleanor,Martyn Looker and JB let me know.

Plenty to come on the calendar..... www

Toodle loo


Looking for a pigeon fancier, he can have all mine before they end up in the pot.

Might be a bit wet for the cabbage whites now though!

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