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Girls in uniform and wind tunnels!!!

What a Great evening JOYSTICKERS,

Summertime and picking the first runners and we've still players left in the running at Wimbledon after 3 days!

We had a very good weekend at Blackbushe, everyone from JSC enjoyed themselves and some others did too....

Not to mention the ATA lady...

Across the car park from us were volunteers from the FAST MUSEUM at Farnborough who are now offering tours around the WindTunnels there, as well as the museum itself.

One of their number is a keen Simulator man, ex BA Avionics, and he has a Harrier sim. we might try.

The catch is the cost, but for £25 we probably can include all that if we take lunch or eat elsewhere and travel under your own "steam".

Who would like to join us on Thursday the 19th OCTOBER?

The JSC kit is off to Dolphin School at Hurst on Sat. afternoon and the Tomahawk to RAF HQ Thurs 13th for an afternoon of sports and music. That's what we were told!

Hope you all can enjoy the heat,

Mine's a Pimms!



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