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No Pics but ...please read!


Martyn Looker and I had a great day at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden on Sunday. The early departure, 0630!, with 4 Pedal Planes in the Voyager and towing the Tomahawk was countered by an arrival at the airfield coming awake with those gorgeous old aeroplanes being pulled from their hangars. A bacon butty,a cuppa, sunshine and aviation all around! Wonderful !

We were kept busy with umpteen families wanting to try out our kit.

All donations were passed on to the Shuttleworth learning centre.

October 1st is the last event we been invited too!

Friday sees 7 of us at RAF BENSON for their families day, fingers crossed for good weather, the volunteers will be leaving the car park at 0830.

NOW... 2 visits have been arranged.....

1. The Wind tunnels at Farnborough and FAST Museum and simulators

Thursday 19th OCTOBER.

ONLY 4 are wanting to go. There's a lot going on down there and the wind tunnels are not open to the public, so a special day. Have to charge for the tour but light refreshments included for £25

2. APRIL 26th A visit to the site of Stonehenge airfield and guided tour with about a 3 mile saunter led by the gentlemen who showed us around the Larkhill area a couple of years ago . Could go by mini bus if well supported?


1. December 2nd, songs from the musicals which Gill , from "Leading Lights" will be organising for us so well again.

2. The "Silver Shadows" group are coming Saturday FEBRUARY 17th. Brilliant guitar and vocals from 4 talented musicians bringing the 60's back for the evening! Lesley?

The first JOYSTICK NIGHT Monday SEPTEMBER 25th will start with a visit to Shoot Aviation 1800hrs for a run down on their filming activities, DUNKIRK the latest!

I'm hoping the RAF PRESENTATION TEAM will be with us afterwards to complete the evening. Perhaps pre ordering food, hot dogs or an early nochette might be in order?

There you go, upto you to book EARLY so that we can all enjoy ourselves!



Beetroot on the boil, a lighter variety that works well with the memsahibs mackerel salad!

Weather man talking of temps. in single figures overnight, where did summer go.

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