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Another great day at RAF BENSON FAMILIES DAY yesterday, lots of aerial activity on a mostly sunny day.

An uncommon visitor performed lots of noisy passes, the passenger obviously had enough and banged out!

After we set up we hardly stopped helping the families and little ones, but there were one or two quiet times...

RED11 almost missed the show

But got to the line eventually!

Thanks to all out volunteers, Martyn Looker and Terry Miller not in the pics., Steve Elkin flying the table , Alan Ross & David Oswald at the Hawk.

Next up is this Monday for an upgrade on the Tomahawk and making progress with Seneca mechanics, my "hangar " at 1000hrs if you want to help, tea and ginger biscuits?

The whole JSC KIT will be at WLAC Members day 2nd September, any help gratefully received?



Those wonderful raspberries hmmm, sweet corn almost ready.


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