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Littlewick & Members' Day

Hello Joystickers!

After years of awful weather and then with a change of venue to the rough ground at Knowl Hill last time we had a great day in gorgeous weather on Monday. The incoming traffic flattened the ground to make us a runway for our Pedal Planes!

Mike Drye, David Oswald and myself along with our wives and Mikes grandchildren readily gave us a hand to set up so we could show off our kit and the new vinyl on our Seneca door

Valerie Bosley has been organising the Littlewick Show for many years and gave an interview with ITV News which you may have seen? Our SE5 which Terry Kent produced appeared in the same broadcast.

Other planes in our kit ....

This Saturday is WLAC Members Day , we'll be there with the Tomahawk and Pedal planes along with Steve Midson making his brilliant rubber powered polystyrene models in the hangar alongside. Weather forecast looks good, come along for a chat and any help would be great!

Next Thursday 7th 1000 a work in at my house on the Seneca and anything else requiring attention.

RAeS LHR Branch Lecture - 14th September - 'I believe I can fly: Human Powered Flying'

A preview of our first meeting on the 25th...

With still light evenings a chance to see 'Shoot Aviation' film set makers near the Black Hangar, before our talk by the RAF's Presentation Team.

For those willing to meet up at 1800 to car to Simon O'Connell's office we're arranging hot dogs to be available to consume during Simons talk. Karen is bringing them down!

We need to be back for the RAF to start at 1930 prompt as they have limited time with us.

So please make every effort to be there at 1800 and please give an idea of numbers wanting to be involved?

See you all Saturday,

Toodle loo,


Marrows galore , stuffed of course , and a few cauli's with cheese....beautiful!

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