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Boscombe Down - 100 years of test flying

Hello Joystickers.

7 of us had a great day at Boscombe Down yesterday. With a dodgy weather fcst. the 60 mile journey with our Kit could have been frustrating but after tying our event tent to the caravan and available tree we had just one heavy shower and left with dry kit, just! We had 2 side by side tennis courts (without nets!) for the pedal planes and they were very well used, lots of smiling youngsters and many parents just marvelling at the PP's that were new to most. Many thanks to our volunteers, David Goddard,Russell Mason, Martyn Looker,JB and the guardians of the sim. Alan Ross and Ian MacKinnon. John Baker took this fine pic. of the Lightning which was the forerunner of the first T4 trainer

He also took the "push you pull you " Moths at WLAC Members day.

We're off at "o crack o" on Friday to see what the Tomahawk Sim. looks like in the DSEI exhibition at the ExCel centre ! All the kit will be at the NT Hughenden Manor at the weekend when they have a WW2 reenactment event...come. And join us! Simon O'Connell is hosting us for an hour at 1800 hrs Monday the 25th Sep , our first JSC night. Lots going on at Waltham then and you might be in the middle of a Battle Of Britain film set ! At 1930 prompt the RAF Presentation team will be showing us their current advertising, please don't volunteer on the spot! All the best, M Last brassicas but plenty of leeks!

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