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Modern & Yesteryear this weekend


The Tomahawk sim. was seen at several large events this weekend.

IMECHE invited us to the armaments show DSEI at ExCel exhibition Centre on Friday.

Not the easiest place to tow a trailer to and then get through security at the end, but we did it.

But there were compensations...

The smartest JSC VOLUNTEERS ever!

Royal Marine band, sunshine and warships, boys own day! Hello sailor!

Meanwhile an invasion at Hughenden Sat/Sun, but our Me109 was secure under the watchful eyes of the re enactors at the Manor's WW2 event.

Here we were invaded by hordes of youngsters wanting PP action and flying experiences in our camouflaged simulator.

Now to dry off our kit after the last minute rain and start thinking of the Seneca sim.. work....

SEE you all at the first JSC NIGHT Monday 25th?

Tally Ho


Just a few cabbages left now, but leeks to look forward to!

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