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Good Morning Joystickers!

A very good evening with Chris Royle last night encourages me to put "digit to keypad"

and remind you of our coming events.

I have to pay for our visit to FAST & the Wind Tunnels by the weekend so does

anyone else want to join us 12?

£25 (JSC subsidised) to our bank account 403105 22062038 will guarantee a place.

Meet at the Club 0900 to arrange self drive transport.

The Morning will be the FAST tour , then light lunch, Wind Tunnels in the afternoon

finish 1600.

The Dinner, Entertainment and Dance evening Dec 2nd is coming together ,

you can see our singers warming up in the YouTube clip.

Please let me know if you're not on the list and are coming and invite friends ,

we need an audience over 70 in number, but not all that age!

Same again with the money to our Bank account please... with a ref JSC DEC2

Toodle loo


Off to scrummage for the last courgettes

Oct 19th

“FAST” visit & Windtunnels ETD Club @ 0915 ETA1000 for 1030 start at FAST HQ.

MC,ML,DO,MaxH,DG,JNewman,TK2,DHyde,KP,RMason,Trev B =12

Oct 23rd

JSC NIGHT Wg Cmd Gaz Littlechild …

“Life on Tornado” - One Navigator's perspective of a 25 year career operating in and around the fast jet workhorse of the RAF.

Nov 20th

JSC NIGHT “Hovercraft” Makyla Greaves vice chair


Dec 2nd Sat

“Singing to the Stars” Dinner & Dance £25


Dec 18th

JSC NIGHT AGM + Ian Haskell quiz,

with mince pies of course!

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