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Up,up and keep pedalling!

Morning JOYSTICKERS, 6 of our JSC volunteers were entertained by Air Traffic at LHR Tower this week and got out on to the balcony what a view.

Many Thanks to Ady and Nadine.

Yesterday we combined with the LAA YES group, Stow Maries and Brooklands volunteers to claim the world record of 24 pedal planes fully crewed and orchestrated by that energetic "YES" character Andre Faehndrich on his "podium , bottom left!

Coming up this week is our visit to Courthouse School with our Kit on Tuesday 0900. The end of season and Seneca work in at my garage on Wednesday 0930 onwards. Thursday 12 of us are Visiting FAST, 1000hrs, and then a tour of 2 wind tunnels after lunch. Those leaving from EGLM please meet 0900 for a departure at 0915 . Our next meeting on MONDAY 23rd, with WgCo Gaz Littlechild ex CO of Northolt talking of his flying times as a navigator on the Tornado. The "Polka Dots" will be Singing to the Stars on Saturday Dec 2,

only £25 for a Prosecco, Dinner, Dancing and a Raffle

........raffle prizes very welcome too!

Oct 19th

“FAST” visit & Windtunnels ETD Club @ 0915 ETA1000 for 1030 start at FAST HQ.

MC,ML,DO,MaxH,DG,JNewman,TK2,DHyde,KP,RMason,Trev B =12

Oct 23rd

JSC NIGHT Wg CO Gaz Littlechild …

“Life on Tornado” - One Navigator's perspective of a 25 year career operating in and around the fast jet workhorse of the RAF.

Nov 20th

JSC NIGHT “Hovercraft” Makyla Greaves vice chair


Dec 2nd Sat

“Singing to the Stars” Dinner & Dance £25


Dec 18th

JSC NIGHT AGM + Ian Haskell quiz,

with mince pies of course!

The film crew are back at Waltham for 3 days,

See you all sometime! M Dahlias still standing, climate change good so far!

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