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Monday last and JSC Calendar 2018


Many thanks to all who supported us at the AGM on Monday, a standard arrival!

Ian Haskell entertained us with his very clear pics, even from thousands of feet, of aircraft and ships he's flown over in the past year.

The 30 question quiz Ian set was won by Paul Stanley and he collected Noel Collett's donated NZ Aviation Calendar, 29 correctly answered .

David Oswald brought his new " Dambusters " machine, just see part of it through the doorway, which kept us amused while eating our mince pies!

Please check 2018 calendar on the Calendar page of this site.

Roger Dawe is Hosting our next Joystick Night on the 29th January when Geoff Hallett will tell us of over "100 years of RAF Met. Flying", he assures me there will be no talk of adiabatic lapse rates or tephigrams!

Many thanks to all volunteers who made the JSC work this year and best wishes to all for a really enjoyable Christmas and Healthy New Year.




Peter Bailey's trailer, is as someone said yesterday, so good now it's highly desirable....out with the shackles!


Those still wishing to pay their subs can do so through the Internet

403105 22062038

or by cheque to me.

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