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Three days at AeroExpo!

Hello Joystickers!

We were invited to the AOPA marquee at AeroExpo, taking place at Booker airfield, this week and although the weather was atrocious on Thursday, slightly better on Friday and reasonable yesterday we had a very good time. Mick Elborn had met David Oswald at the Youth Education Conference earlier in the year and the invitation ensued. He and his team made us very welcome, with the Tomahawk parked neatly in a corner with our Red Arrows Hawk pedal plane available for youngsters to try. Our sim. flyers John Michie, Max Hore,Paul Strickland,Ian MacKinnon and myself kept visitors airborne mostly from EGLL and the sim. behaved impeccably.

Although JM did a quick solo as an executive jet out of Docklands to TowerBridge!

We met old friends John Walker and Di and Pauline Vahey head of AOPA UK, who all kept us supplied with great sandwiches,biscuits and liquid refreshments throughout the 3 days.

Yesterday lots of families had a chance to go flying and their young ones taxy the Hawk around outside the marquee.

Many Thanks to everyone who helped.

A very good set up which we've been invited to attend next year, if it's held again!

In the AOPA marquee at Aero Expo, ab initio flying...

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