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A great day at Aerospace Bristol!

Hello Joystickers,

What a day we had!

The weather, M4 traffic jams looked all against Dave Paskell driving us to Bristol in time for our appointment with Aerospace Bristol. But it was “cavok” all the way. After a stop at Membury services we arrived in time for a midday welcome by the grandson of the Bristol Aeroplane Company’s founder, Sir George White and wife Joanna.

Joanna had inspired the visit by commissioning a Pedal Plane for their Grandson who arrived just in time for a photoshoot before we embarked for our return trip.

The pic. shows Sir George rhs above the founders tribute and Joanna and young Hector by his present which we constructed! They all are a delightful family.

Bottom left sees us having a very good lunch under the tail of Concorde (a bigger picture is also at the bottom of the page)

We found a young visitor on his birthday visit to test “fly” the Scout under that magnificent aircraft……what a moment. Hope he will be reminded of this magic time. I was very envious of this 3yr old’s “flight”

So many to thank for our afternoon at Filton. Peter Gibbs, co-founder of the museum organised the event. Many volunteers were on hand to show us around and the staff there did us proud.

The weather turned, of course, and Dave had to drive us back in the rain. Most nodded on that return journey but our pilot and his Routemaster didn’t miss a beat.

From my perspective, it was a pinnacle of success that a boy brought up with Bristol aircraft flying around could meet the family and get so close to those aircraft, albeit many years later………. Aviation is a special community

Thanks to all for joining in on the “sortie” and a big thank you to Joanna, Peter Gibbs and team for being such marvellous hosts at a superb museum.

Of course there’s always a follow on …..and that is we’re welcomed back as “the Joystick Club “ with all our kit, simulators and Pedal Planes to enhance the museum’s product for 2 days before Easter Friday.

Looking for volunteers to commit to a night in Bristol, funded by them!, need 3 cars to tow our kit there and back?

But I’m hoping Joanna will come to WW to talk on her career as an engraver!


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