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Inspiring Youth in Aviation

Hello all Joystickers,

We’ve managed to find a really enthusiastic 14yr old to treat and smooth her way into the sky!

Thanks to Dave Scott for his tireless work on our behalf Amy has already been airborne a couple of times. This is what your subs achieve along with our events with PP’s and Simulators! This is a “press release” so please forgive my name appearing a little often.


Mike Clews was delighted, through the Joystick Club (White Waltham), to award a Flying Scholarship to Amy Playle at RAF Halton on Friday 27th.May. Mike has always been looking for additional ways to help the youth of today and encourage them to take an active interest in aviation. Historically this has, and does, involve attending events with Pedal Planes and Cockpit Simulators, however Mike has taken this to a higher level with the funding of a young person to learn to glide. The Joystick Club is providing all the funding to enable Amy to learn to glide with the aim being to achieve her first solo flight. Amy will learn to glide at RAF Halton with the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association and we hope to get regular updates on Amy`s progress. The formal presentation of the award was held in the hangar at RAF Halton. Amy is pictured here with Mike Clews and Dave Scott (Joystick Club). Dave had worked together with Mick Boyden (of the gliding club) to find a suitable recipient of this award. Amy was signed on as a member of the gliding club that evening and, all being well was eagerly awaiting her first flight(s) the following day. Amy is being encouraged in her endeavours by her mother Ellie who took the photograph.

She’s had 5 flights already and hopes to go solo before her 15th Birthday in January


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